A warm home from the ground up. Literally.

Discussing in-floor radiant heating might be considered shameless pandering to the weather but let’s face it … there’s never a better time to think about heated flooring than when walking home in the snow is a potential reality. Radiant heat is nothing new, but modern advances in warming your home from the ground up have created innovative, energy-efficient options for new construction or renovation. Energy efficiency should be taken into consideration during any remodeling project with tile flooring. Unlike wood, stone and tile floors can be considerably colder and affect the temperature in the room. Radiant heating, in the form of in-floor heat, contributes to energy efficiency of a space while also adding another layer of comfort to the homeowner. Radiant heat can quietly and uniformly heat the room and thus reduce the need for forced air heat. The radiant heat floor continues to heat even after the system has been turned off. Although there are other methods, Day Star uses a method by which a wired “pad” is laid on top of the sub floor and the tile installation continues from there. Properly installed by a licensed electrician, this method has proven safe and reliable for our customers over the last 12-15 years. Cost can vary according to floor space but like most energy efficient choices, your cost should be recouped over time.

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